By Eurasia Business News – November 12, 2020

This large pink diamond was mined in Siberia in 2017 by the Russian conglomerate Alrosa.

The Spirit of the Rose”, a deep purple-pink diamond, is distinguished by a clarity and transparency that is unique to colored diamonds. Its weight is 14.83 carats.

This pink diamond was sold at Sotheby’s in Geneva for a record amount of $ 26.63 million or $ 1.79 million per carat, breaking the per-carat price record for a purplish-pink stone. It was mined in Siberia in 2017 by the Russian conglomerate Alrosa, a world leading diamond producer.

Named “The Spirit of the Rose” after Vaslav Nijinsky’s legendary Russian ballet, Le Spectre de la rose, this pink diamond was cut and polished in Russia, which has a long and rich tradition of gem-cutting. It took a whole year for Alrosa cutting masters to turn the diamond into its polished form. The oval shape was chosen in order to ensure that the diamond would be of the maximum possible size. Its unparalleled qualities make it the largest Purple-Pink diamond to ever appear at auction

The buyer of the stone remained anonymous and took part in the auction by phone.

Pink diamonds are the rarest of all colored diamonds. It is estimated that only one diamond in 100,000 mined can be classified as pink in color.

The color of a pink diamond can vary in intensity, greatly influencing the value of the stone. The more pronounced the pink color, the more expensive the stone will be. In the case of pink diamonds, the color is the most important criterion influencing the price, more important than the estimated degree of purity. Due to its particular forming mechanism, pink diamonds are more difficult to work with than conventional white diamonds. This increased cutting time also explains their higher price.

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