Victor Deschamps, pour Eurasia Business News – August 18, 2021

About 4 thousand American troops will be deployed at the Kabul airport by Tuesday evening, said US Major General William Taylor.

According to US media reports, at a briefing at the Pentagon, General Taylor said that the number of the US military “by the end of today” will be brought to about 4 thousand – an increase of 1,000.

About U.S. 6,000 troops are expected to be at the airport in the coming days.

The US general also said that the Kabul airport “remains safe.” He added that there are no “hostile clashes” with the Taliban against the background of the evacuation of diplomats and civilians from Afghanistan.

U.S. military officials have said between 5,000 and 10,000 U.S. citizens are believed to be in the Kabul area.

At the same time, the Pentagon reported earlier that the final goal was to bring the contingent at the Kabul airport to about 6 thousand soldiers. These military will have to evacuate foreigners from Afghanistan, as well as Afghans who have received asylum. After that, according to the plan, the US military will leave Afghan territory.

Thousands flee Kabul after Taliban took control of the capital city on August 15. The same day, President Ashraf Ghani announced his resignation and fled the country. Much of Afghan national security forces have collapsed facing the Taliban’s great offensive launched in May.

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