By Alexander Miller, for Eurasia Business News – August 18, 2021

The US telecom operator T-Mobile US Inc., owned by the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG, on August 16 announced a cybersecurity incident. The data breach by hackers affect personal information about 47 million customers, including potential customers.

T-Mobile said that the cyberattack on the company’s servers included about 7.8 million post-paid customers and just over 40 million former or potential customers who had previously applied for the operator’s services. The data of approximately 850,000 more customers using the operator’s prepaid services were also disclosed as a result of the leak.

The company said in a statement that the hackers gained access to names, insurance and driver’s license numbers, and customers’ dates of birth. However, the hackers did not get access to financial information.

As compensation, the company will provide affected customers with personal data protection services free of charge for two years.

T-Mobile continues to investigate the incident.

The popular American magazine Vicе was the first to report hacking of the operator’s servers and data leakage. According to him, the data of almost all American customers of T-Mobile (more than 100 million) would have been stolen. 

Over the past few years, T-Mobile has reported several server hacking incidents, the last of which occurred in December 2020. Then the data of about 200 thousand clients leaked.

CNN reported that the company’s stock fell 3% on Monday August 17 following reports of the data breach.

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