By Anthony Marcus, for Eurasia Business News, August 31, 2022

The last general secretary of the CPSU Central Committee and the only president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, died at the age of 92. In recent years, he had been suffering from kidney disease. The politician will be buried in Moscow in the Novodevichy cemetery next to his wife Raisa. The date of the farewell and funeral has not yet been determined.

The first and last president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev died on August 30 in the evening. He will be buried in Moscow’s Novodevichy cemetery, in the family grave alongside his wife, TASS news agency reported.

Mikhail Gorbachev died at Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital on August 30 at the age of 92.

« Mikhail Sergeevich will be buried, as he decided, alongside his wife Raisa in the Novodevichy cemetery,” said a relative of the family. Raisa Gorbacheva died in September 1999 and they had been married since 1953.

« President Vladimir Putin offers his sincere condolences on the passing of Mikhail Gorbachev. In the morning, he will send a telegram of condolences to his relatives and friends,” Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

On June 20, a source in the former leader’s entourage told the TASS news agency that Gorbachev was under the continuous supervision of doctors at the Moscow Central Clinical Hospital. According to the source, the former president was hospitalized in 2020, “at the very beginning of the coronavirus pandemic” at the request of doctors.

Gorbachev held the highest office in the Soviet state for six years, from March 1985 to December 1991. He launched a new dynamic almost immediately after his appointment as General Secretary of the CpSU Central Committee in 1985, and then led the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, proposed to establish the post of President and abolish the article of the Constitution on the leading role of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. In many languages of the world at that time, the Russian words “perestroika” and “glasnost” entered the vocabulary.

The last chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Soviet Republic, Ruslan Khasbulatov, expressed his condolences to the relatives and friends of Mikhail Gorbachev, “whom he loved, who surrounded him.” In his opinion, Gorbachev’s death is a “great loss.”

“I treated him very well. We met often for work in 1990-91. He left in my memory, in any case, the impressions of a very decent and honest person. Another thing, of course, is how he failed to preserve the Soviet Union, to hold his elections. But this is a purely political assessment.”

From March 1985 to August 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev was General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. From 1990 to 1991 he was President of the USSR.

Gorbachev resigned as President of the USSR on December 25, 1991, just as the Soviet Union ceased to exist.

On October 15, 1990, Mikhail Gorbachev was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize “in recognition of his leading role in the peace process, which characterizes an important part of the life of the international community.”

Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev was born on March 2, 1931 in the village of Privolnoye, Medvezhensky District, North Caucasus Krai and died on August 30, 2022, Moscow, Russia.

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