By Anthony Marcus, for Eurasia Business News, May 24, 2023

Leopard-2-A7-KMW-006 battle tanks.

As compensation for tank deliveries to Ukraine, the Bundeswehr will receive 18 new Leopard 2A8 main battle tanks. The budget committee of the Bundestag released around 525 million euros on Wednesday, according to participants. By the end of March, Ukraine had received 18 copies of the modern Leopard 2A6 tanks from Germany.

The Budget Committee of the Bundestag approved today the allocation of 525 million euros for the purchase of 18 Leopard 2 tanks of the modern version of the A8 to replace the tanks transferred to Ukraine.

This was stated by the speaker of the Social Democratic Party of Germany on budget issues Carsten Klein and confirmed by German press sources.

Today’s decision of the Bundestag is an important brick in strengthening the defense capability of the Armed Forces of Heinmania,” said Carsten Klein.

Germany handed over 18 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

As part of the “tank” coalition, in March 2023, Germany handed over 18 Leopard 2 A6 tanks to Ukraine. Also, tanks of this type were supplied to the Ukrainian Armed Forces by Slovakia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Canada and other allies.

According to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Andriy Melnyk, Germany itself is armed in the Bundeswehr with 382 such tanks.

Maintenance and repair of the Leopard 2A4 and 2A6 tanks, which were delivered to Ukraine, will take place at the Bumar-Łabędy plant in Gliwice, Poland.

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Later, Germany turned to Switzerland with a request to sell it part of its mothballed Leopard 2 tanks. This could allow Berlin and other allies to increase military aid to Ukraine. Today, the Swiss Federal Council supported the decommissioning of 25 Leopard 2s for resale.

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The German government agreed last January to send at least one company of Leopard 2A6 tanks to the Ukrainian armed forces. 

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