By Eurasia Business News – November 15, 2021

The foreign ministers of the EU member states have agreed on a fifth package of sanctions against Belarus, and a sixth package is not excluded, said the Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau on Monday following a ministerial meeting in Brussels.

A political decision has been made regarding the fifth package of sanctions, no one expressed doubts about the need for the sixth package” the minister said.

According to him, “the discussion on the sixth round of sanctions is underway, the issue is still open.”

Earlier it was reported that at a meeting in Brussels, the foreign ministers of the EU member states changed the sanctions regime against Belarus, making it possible to impose restrictions in response to the migration crisis that outbroke on the Polish border with Belarus due to the massive arrival of migrants from the Middle Eastern countries.

The published document notes that Brussels will now “be able to persecute individuals and legal entities who organize or facilitate the activities of the Lukashenka regime,” which, according to Brussels, is aimed at creating a migration crisis near the EU borders.

In Brussels on Monday, a meeting of the Foreign Affairs ministers of the European countries took place. one of its main topics was the migration crisis near the eastern borders of the European Union.

During this meeting, the outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel held telephone talks with the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, during which they discussed the migration problem on the border of Belarus and the EU. Both leaders are used to negotiate together since they have held key roles in Ukraine crisis peace talks since 2014.

On November 10, Angela Merkel discussed the situation in Belarus with the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Josep Borrell, the EU foreign policy chief, said the decision by 27 EU foreign ministers reflected “the determination by the European Union to stand up to the instrumentalisation of migrants for political purposes”.

Last June, the Council of the European Union decided to impose sanctions against 78 Belarusian individuals and eight organizations due to the situation with human rights in Belarus.

The Belarus crisis is a test for Europe and for the US President Joe Biden’s diplomacy. After Georgia and Ukraine, the Belarus crisis is a new chapter of the geopolitical confrontation between Washington and Moscow in Europe. Russia will probably increase economic and security support to Belarus. Further economic sanctions against Belarus will increase the dependence of Minsk on Russia and China.

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