By William Miller, special correspondent in Ukraine. Eurasia Business News, February 25, 2022

Ukrainian tank in the suburbs of Kyiv, near the frontline, February 25, 2022.

Fights intensified again in Mariupol today, announced at a briefing by Mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boychenko. 

According to him, Russian tanks are approaching the city.

Russian tanks are moving towards Mariupol. The battle continues 10 kilometers from the city. If the military gives a sign of danger, sirens will sound in the city, which will indicate the need to go to shelters,” Boychenko said.

Fierce battles are going on in all directions. Today, the Ukrainian army is rebuffing the enemy, who breaks through the borders of the Russian Federation, through the borders of Belarus. Today we are defending not only our land, but also the land of the entire country of Ukraine, today we are defending Europe. And we must understand that we are facing the largest grouping of the Russian army – the second army in the world” added Vadim Boychenko.

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Fighting also intensified in the suburbs of Chernigov. Part of the Russian troops bypassed the city and moved towards Kiev and Nizhyn.

A large number of armored vehicles and personnel went around Chernigov to Kiev and Nizhyn. Chernigov units of the armed forces give a worthy response to the enemy” said the mayor of Chernigov.

Shootings are heard near the government quarter in Kiev, reported by the Associated Press. Street fights began after a series of explosions in the capital of Ukraine early in the morning.

Russian troops would have taken the Gostomel airfield in the suburbs of Kiev, reports the Russian Defense Ministry

Civilians try to flee Kiev and go to West.

Air raid sirens work in Kiev since morning February 24. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that the capital was being shelled with rockets.

The sky is closed. Ukrainian aircrafts try to resist Russian air force. Train tickets are sold out. Despite the danger of rocket attacks and the request of the authorities not to leave their homes, from the very morning all over Kiev civilan queues lined up for grocery stores, gas stations and ATMs, to stay homes or before going to West with their cars.

This morning the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky sent a message to the Russian President Vladimir Putin with a proposal to sit down at the negotiating table to end Russian hostilities in Ukraine. President Zelensky has now moved to a bunker, as Russian military is approaching the presidential building.

Russia accuses the U.S. and NATO to have provoked the current situation, refusing to publicly state that Ukraine will not enter into NATO and will not host nuclear weapons. Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, sated that “The West bears responsibility, along with Kiev, for the destruction of the Minsk agreements, for the crimes committed in the Donbass against the civilian population.”

Sergey Lavrov has met in Moscow with LPR Foreign Minister Vladislav Deinego and First Deputy Foreign Minister of the DPR Sergey Peresada.

Update to come.

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