By Alexander Miller, for Eurasia Business News – April 29, 2022

Airbus A330 from Russian airlines company Aeroflot.

Aeroflot from May 6 resumes regular flights to Antalya and Istanbul, will fly on Airbus A330 from Sheremetyevo.

Flights to these cities will be carried out up to twice a day on wide-body Airbus A330 liners,” stated the Russian airline. Ticket sales are already open.

Regular flights were suspended due to the risk of arrest of aircraft that were leased. Last week, Aeroflot’s board of directors planned to discuss the early buyback of eight Airbus A330-300 under financial lease transactions.

Now on the Aeroflot website, a ticket to Antalya for May 7 costs from 20,121 rubles, to Istanbul – from 19,971 rubles on the same date.

In early March, Aeroflot canceled all international flights, except for flights to Minsk. The decision followed the recommendation of the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency: the regulator called on airlines to suspend flights abroad in order to avoid arrests of foreign aircraft, which began after the introduction of EU sanctions against the Russian Federation.

On April 27, Aeroflot decided to temporarily withdrew from the international aviation alliance SkyTeam.

SkyTeam and Aeroflot have agreed to temporarily suspend the airline’s membership in the alliance. We are working to limit the impact on customers and will keep those affected by any changes to SkyTeam’s benefits and services,” announced the alliance in a statement.

SkyTeam brings together 19 airlines from around the world working together across an extensive global network, according to the alliance’s website. It includes, among others, Air France, Korean Air, American Delta. After the start of the military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the aviation authorities of the European Union, Great Britain, Canada and the United States closed their skies to Russian carriers.

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