By Alexander Miller, consultant in emerging markets. Eurasia Business News – November 23, 2022

At the Foxconn plant in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, “large-scale protests” broke out, reported AFP and Reuters. This is the world’s largest factory of iPhone smartphones.

Local sources refer to footage from CCTV cameras circulating on Twitter and the Chinese microblogging network Weibo. The video shows a “large group of workers”, the approximate number is not given. They beat with sticks on surveillance cameras and windows in the Foxconn campus building. Police have already arrived at the scene, in an attempt to control the situation.

Officially, the Chinese authorities have not yet commented on the incident.

In early November, Apple reported that due to coronavirus restrictions, Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant “operates with significantly reduced performance.” Chinese authorities in mid-September announced the introduction of strict restrictions in one of the most densely populated areas of Zhengzhou, and sanitary restrictions were imposed at the Foxconn plant. This caused discontent among the workers, some of them left the enterprise. Reuters reported that production at the plant in November may be reduced by 30%.

Foxconn is a Chinese contract electronics manufacturer that works with companies from all over the world. Among the largest customers is Apple, for which Foxconn builds the iPhone and MacBook.

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