By Alexander Miller, consultant in energy markets. Eurasia Business news, April 12, 2023

The Dutch government is going to abandon imports of Russian liquefied natural gas, Energy Minister Rob Yetten said on Wednesday.

The minister noted that the country this year ceased to conclude new contracts for the supply of LNG from the Russian Federation, and at the moment “is working on curtailing previously signed contracts.” “We are conducting many negotiations with companies on the phase-out of existing agreements on LNG,” the agency quoted the minister as saying.

We need to do this to make sure that there are no Russian fossil fuels in our system. We have already been successful in moving away from coal, pipeline gas and oil,” he added.

This decision will apply to both spot and long-term contracts.

The Netherlands still imports Russian LNG under older contracts concluded until 2023, deliveries account for about 15% of total imports, the report says.

Earlier, Spain, the largest buyer of Russian LNG among all EU countries this year, had already asked companies not to conclude agreements on new purchases from Russia.

At the end of March, Bloomberg, citing a document at its disposal, reported that the European Union could create a mechanism by which member states could ban the supply of Russian LNG without imposing new sanctions. Also in March, European Commission Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson called for a ban on LNG supplies from Russia.

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