By Alexander Miller, for Eurasia Business News – August 22, 2021

G7 leaders will hold an online meeting on August 24 amid the destabilization in Afghanistan, confirmed a statement published on the White House website.

The state leaders will discuss continuing their “close coordination on Afghanistan policy”. The statement published by the White House reports that discussions on “evacuating our citizens, the brave Afghans who stood with us over the last two decades, and other vulnerable Afghans.”

G7 leaders will also discuss plans to provide humanitarian assistance and support for Afghan refugees. The meeting will build on President Biden’s calls this week with G7 leaders Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, President Emmanuel Macron of France, and Prime Minister Mario Draghi of Italy.

The Taliban launched an active offensive in Afghanistan last May after the United States announced in April its withdrawal from the country. A similar decision was made by the NATO countries. In early August, the Taliban took control of the first capital of the province, and reached Kabul without fights on August 15. Against the background of the advance of the Taliban, the military leadership of Afghanistan, as well as President Ashraf Ghani, fled the country.

On August 16, Taliban spokesman Mohammed Naim announced the end of the war and the complete takeover of Afghanistan. On the same day, US President Joe Biden said that he still believed the decision to withdraw troops was correct, but the situation in Afghanistan was unfolding more rapidly than expected. According to him, the country’s leadership surrendered, and the military refused to fight the Taliban.

Joe Biden later ordered up to $ 500 million to aid Afghan refugees. “It is important for national interests to provide assistance in the amount of no more than $ 500 million,” the document said.

China and Russia are carefully monitoring the situation. The Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the situation in Afghanistan is directly related to the security of the Russian Federation. Russian diplomats have already met representatives of the Taliban and obtained guarantees. About China, the Chinese leaders may use Afghanistan as a new territory for economic and political influence through the New Silk Road program launched in 2013. We can expect that Moscow and Beijing will work together to protect their security interest in the region. Both China and Russia have a lot to loose if islamic terrorism spreads in Central Asia.

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